Concert hall, Uppsala, Sweden


2001, concorso  sup: 5000 mq + 6000 mq (public space)
progetto: Daniele Baiotto, Miguel Alonso, Massimo Basile, Diego De Rinaldis, Luca Ippolito, Floriana Marotta.

The great vitality of Uppsala’s musical activity made us think about a project that could become a strong and characteristic sign of the City. The historic center with the Cathedral, the railway station and Vaksalagatan generate streams  and dynamics that join in the Gerd block. The project opens towards these directions, giving formal and functional permeability.
The two volumes have characteristics of strength and hardness, particularly on the city front, but at the same time they open themselves in these connection points, welcoming the visitor and introducing  him to the center activities.


The discovery of the site and of the possible experiences take place descending to the great foyer that reveals the presence of an internal patio, with woods and water surface, natural continuation of  Vaksala Torg in the heart of the project.


The internal skin is made of glass and wood, and acts as filter between nature and visitor, offering a complete vision of the different activities while the patio becomes an open air stage, as place where to perceive the essence of the project and its dynamics.


The foyer space becomes an extension of the square and the city that rises to the auditorium and the activity’s center, offering a stream permeability, flexibility of events and free disposal of spaces. The foyer follows conceptually and physically the auditorium volume with passages, loft and access stairs to the concert hall.


The two volumes, that follow each other but never get in touch, are connected trough the central foyer space that link the concert and congress program space to the exposition hall.


The spaces for music teaching and practise, have a direct view to the patio, an indipendent access and a eye contact with auditorium.